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EUPHORBIA Ascot Rainbow - Licensed

EUPHORBIA Ascot Rainbow - Licensed

Variegated lance-shaped foliage from creamy yellow to blue-green to rosy pink with a compact, clumping habit and enchanting lime green flowers appear in late winter to early spring.


Evergreen. Drought and coastal tolerant. Year round interest.


Great for borders, courtyards, containers, coastal and water-wise gardens.


Plant in well draining soil in a sunny position.

Care & Height:

Height to 60cm and width to 60cm. Cut back flowering stems to the base to encourage a bushier habit. CAUTION: All part of the plant is highly toxic if ingested and avoid contact with sap as it can irritate skin.

This plant appears in the following categories;
Coastal, Containers, Flowers, Foliage Feature, Shrubs,