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ROSE Flower Carpet Scarlet - TESSELAAR

ROSE Flower Carpet Scarlet - TESSELAAR

Clusters of vivid scarlet flowers and rich, glossy dark green foliage with a low growing, compact, bushy habit. Flowering from mid-spring through to the end of autumn.


Strong disease resistance. Long flowering season. Heat, dry, humidity and drought tolerant once established.


Great for pots, beds, borders, gardens, mass planting and as a groundcover.


Plant in rich, moist, well drained soil in a sunny position. Will tolerate a semi-shaded position but with reduced flower production.

Care & Height:

Height to 80cm and width to 1m. Cut back by 1/3 annually in late winter or early spring. Trim to shape as desired. Water regularly until established. Feed with slow release rose fertilizer in early spring and late summer.

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Containers, Flowers, Shrubs, Foliage Feature, Ground Cover,