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TEUCRIUM Fruiticans

Dense silvery-green foliage with mauve blue flowers in summer.... >> more

THYME Doon Valley

Aromatic dark green foliage flecked with yellow and bright purple/pink flowers in mid summer.... >> more

THYME Ruby Carpet

Lush green foliage with dainty ruby red flowers in summer.... >> more


Large vivid purple flowers with white stamens and a white star in the centre of the flower.... >> more

TIBOUCHINA Cool Baby - Licensed

Stunning large pink and white flowers throughout the warmer months.... >> more

TIBOUCHINA Foxxy Baby - Licensed

Divine bi-coloured pale pink and white flowers with contrasting deep purple stamens from spring through to summer and attractive evergreen foliage wit... >> more

TIBOUCHINA Groovy Baby - Licensed

Large vibrant purple flowers throughout the warmer months with attractive evergreen foliage with seasonal copper toning.... >> more

TIBOUCHINA Peace Baby - Licensed

Stunning large white flowers with prominent purple stamens throughout the warmer months.... >> more


Highly fragrant, pure white, starry flowers and glossy, deep green foliage.... >> more

TULBAGHIA Dark Star - Licensed

Delicate dark pink flowers with fine grass-like foliage with a clump forming habit.... >> more