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CAMELLIA Roma Red - Licensed

Gorgeous formal, deep tomato red flowers with fluted petals and attractive glossy, dark green foliage with a bushy, upright habit.... >> more

CAMELLIA Setsugekka

Elegant large, single, pure white flowers with ruffled edges and golden yellow stamens. Glossy, deep green foliage with a dense, upright habit. Flower... >> more


Rich lavender-blue bell flowers from spring through to summer, on attractive green foliage with a low growing, trailing habit. ... >> more

CAMPANULA Filigree Blue

Bright mauve-blue, star-shaped flowers with dark green crinkly foliage and forms a compact mound. Flowering throughout summer. ... >> more

CAMPANULA Rapido White

Forms a low, cushion-shaped mound of small green leaves, with masses of upward facing, open white bells appearing late spring through late summer. ... >> more

CAMPANULA Resholdts Variety

Dainty mauve-blue bell flowers from spring through to summer and attractive green foliage with a compact, low growing habit.... >> more

CAMPANULA Swinging Bells White

Pendent, bell shaped white flowers and mid-green foliage with a compact, upright, mounding habit. Flowering throughout summer.... >> more

CAREX Comans Green

A small grass with fine needle like green foliage, tips bleaching to almost pale white in strong sun.... >> more

CAREX Flagellifera Green

An attractive evergreen, NZ native grass with slender, green foliage.... >> more


A large, fast growing sedge plant with arching, yellowy-green foliage and is a great stream side & wetland plant. Flowers can occur in spring and summ... >> more

CAREX Solandri

An NZ native, ornamental grass with attractive green foliage.... >> more

CAREX Testacea

Carex Testacea is one of the most popular varieties of grasses. Also sought after for their versatility and hardiness. Good for those that are after a... >> more

CAREX Virgata

A large, fast growing sedge plant with arching, bright green foliage.... >> more


Bright magenta pink flowers with two tone bronzey green foliage and spreads to form a thick, dense mat. Flowering from spring through to summer.... >> more

CERASTIUM Snow In Summer

Dainty small white star-like flowers smothers attractive silvery/grey foliage with a low, spreading habit. Flowering from spring through to summer.... >> more


Pure white trumpet-shaped flowers with attractive silver foliage with a compact and bushy habit. Flowering from late spring through to autumn.... >> more


Delicate bluish mauve flowers with attractive green foliage and a trailing, spreading habit.... >> more

COPROSMA Acerosa Hawera

Attractive compact, spreading groundcover with tangled lush green foliage, creating an almost moss-like effect.... >> more

COPROSMA Acerosa Orange Roughy

Compact, spreading shrub with tangled orange/brown branches.... >> more

COPROSMA Chathamica

Attractive glossy green, ovate foliage with flowers appearing in August-December.... >> more

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