Plant Information

Alstroemeria Inca Concordia (Peruvian Lily)

Alstroemeria Inca Concordia (Peruvian Lily)

Clear white flowers with light blushes of soft green and lilac. Attractive green foliage with a compact, neat habit. Flowering from spring through to frost.


Long flowering period. Easy to grow and care for. Attractive to bees. Drought tolerant once established.


Great for pots, borders, edging, cut flowers, small gardens and mass planting.


Plant in well drained, humus rich soil in full to part sun. Particularly enjoying morning sun and afternoon shade.

Care & Height:

Height and width to 35cm. Remove spent flowers to encourage further flowering. Feed with slow release fertilizer in spring and again in autumn. All parts are toxic if ingested and contact can irritate skin.

This plant appears in the following categories;
Flowers, Containers, Coastal, Full sun, Part sun/shade,