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Santolina Lavender Cotton

Aromatic, finely textured silver-grey foliage with a dense, mounding habit and small bright yellow flowers in summer.... >> more

Santolina Lime Fizz (Cotton Lavender)

Forms a low mound of fragrant, bright yellow-green, textured foliage and displays soft yellow pompom flowers throughout spring. ... >> more

Sanvitalia Sundrops (Creeping Zinnia)

Masses of small bright golden-yellow flowers and dark green foliage with a creeping habit. Flowering from spring through to autumn.... >> more

Schizocentron Spanish Shawl (Heterocentron Elegans)

Dense dark green foliage with a trailing habit is covered in bight purple-pink flowers throughout summer.... >> more

Scleranthus Biflorus (Cushion-Bush / Knawel)

Dense, low growing mounds of attractive bright green, moss-like ornamental foliage and tiny greenish flowers in summer.... >> more

Sedum Brilliancy (Stonecrop)

Large, succulent, rich green foliage with large flat clusters of brilliant pink flowers throughout summer and into autumn.... >> more

Sedum Dark Magic (Dwarf Stonecrop) - available from Aug 2024

Glossy purple-black foliage with a short, upright habit and dark pink clusters of flowers in late summer.... >> more

Sedum Goldmound (Stonecrop)

Bright golden-greenish succulent foliage form a carpet and clusters of tiny, yellow flowers throughout summer.... >> more

Stachys Lambs Ear (Byzantina)

Distinctive fuzzy silvery-grey foliage forms a dense, sprawling clump. Produces fuzzy pinky-purple flowers on tall spikes above the foliage from late ... >> more

Teucrium Fruticans (Silver Germander)

A fast growing, spreading shrub with grey-green, aromatic foliage on fuzzy white quuare stems. Produces pale blue flowers from late spring through to ... >> more

Tiarella Neon Lights (Foam Flower)

Mid to bright green leaves with dark maroon centers and dense, upright racemes of fluffy, creamy-white/pink flowers in late spring into summer. ... >> more

Veronica Aspire (Speedwell)

Striking vertical spires of rich rose-pink flowers with dark green foliage that forms a bushy, compact clump and flowers throughout summer.... >> more

Veronica Oxford Blue (Georgia Blue)

Dainty deep blue flowers with a white center and attractive green foliage with a trailing habit. Flowering from early summer through to autumn.... >> more

Veronica Venture Blue (Speedwell)

Striking vertical spires of purple-blue flowers with dark green foliage that forms a bushy, compact clump. Flowering throughout summer.... >> more

Weigela 'Oriental Gems' Golden Dragon - available from Apr 2024

A dwarf, compact, rounded shrub with brilliant golden foliage and cerise pink flowers in spring. ... >> more

Weigela Towers of Flowers Cherry - available from Apr 2024

A deciduous shrub with vibrant green foliage that are smothered with cherry red flower clusters along the stems throughout spring and summer.... >> more

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