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Camellia Early Pearly (Sasanqua Camellia)

An early flowering Camellia with double white flowers with a hint of blush pink on the outer edges. Flowering from early autumn to early winter. Gloss... >> more

Camellia Roma Red

Gorgeous formal tomato red flowers with fluted petals and attractive glossy, dark green foliage with a bushy, upright habit. Flowering in winter and s... >> more

Camellia Setsugekka (Sasanqua Camellia)

Elegant single, pure white flowers with ruffled edges and golden yellow stamens. Glossy, deep green foliage with a dense, upright habit. Flowering fro... >> more

Campanula E.K.Toogood (Bellflower)

Rich lavender-blue bell flowers from spring through to summer and attractive green foliage with a low growing, trailing habit. ... >> more

Campanula Filigree Blue (Bellflower)

Bright mauve-blue, star-shaped flowers with dark green crinkly foliage and forms a compact mound. Flowering throughout summer. ... >> more

Campanula Mystic Bells (Bellflower)

Vibrant blue bell-shaped flowers on upright stems from late spring through to winter. Forms a tight and tidy clump that needs little to no maintenance... >> more

Campanula Resholdts (Bellflower)

Dainty mauve-blue bell flowers from spring through to summer and attractive green foliage with a compact, low growing habit.... >> more

Campanula Swinging Bells White (Bellflower)

White pendant bell-shaped flowers and mid-green foliage with a compact, mounding habit. Flowering throughout summer.... >> more

Centradenia Cascades (Spanish Shawl)

Bright magenta pink flowers with two tone bronze-green foliage that spreads to form a thick, dense mat. Flowering throughout spring and summer.... >> more

Cerastium Snow In Summer

Dainty small white star-like flowers smothers attractive silvery/grey foliage with a low, spreading habit. Flowering from spring through to summer.... >> more

Cistus Brilliancy (Purple Rock Rose)

Deep pink, crepe paper like flowers with yellow central stamens and maroon marking from spring through to summer. Attractive narrow, green foliage wit... >> more

Cistus Sunset (Rock Rose)

Bright, crepe paper-like, rose-pink flowers with golden-yellow centres and slightly wavy-edged, felty, grey/green foliage with a clumping habit. Flowe... >> more

Citrus Bearss Lime

A hardier selection of Tahitian lime with small, thin skinned, deep green seedless fruit that turns lime-yellow at maturity. Tree habit is spreading a... >> more

Citrus Lemon Meyer

A hugely popular variety. A low spreading tree habit with few thorns. Large juicy, smooth skinned fruit with a sweeter lemon flavour, thought to be a ... >> more

Citrus Lemon Yen Ben

Improved selection of Lisbon lemon with excellent crops of large oval fruit with few seeds. ... >> more

Colocasia Midnight Beauty (Taro) - available from Aug 2024

A tuberous perennial with huge, long-stalked, heart-shaped maroon leaves adorned with red veins. The maroon colouring intensifies with more sun.... >> more

Convolvulous Mauritanicus (Good Morning Glory)

Delicate blue-mauve single flowers with attractive green foliage and a trailing, spreading habit.... >> more

Coprosma Acerosa Orange Roughy

Compact, spreading shrub with tangled orange/brown branches.... >> more

Coprosma Kirkii

A dense, vigorous, sprawling shrub with small, glossy mid-green leaves... >> more

Coprosma Repens Poor Knights

A semi prostrate, sprawling Coprosma with large, glossy green leaves.... >> more

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