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Coprosma Acerosa Orange Roughy

Compact, spreading shrub with tangled orange/brown branches.... >> more

Coprosma Kirkii

A dense, vigorous, sprawling shrub with small, glossy mid-green leaves... >> more

Coprosma Repens Poor Knights

A semi prostrate, sprawling Coprosma with large, glossy green leaves.... >> more

Cordyline Australis [Cabbage Tree]

A multi-trunked, native tree with tufts of green, grass like foliage and sweetly scented flowers. Produces fruit from January-April and nectar for bee... >> more

Corokia Frosted Chocolate (Mirror Bush)

A native, densely branched shrub with narrow chocolate brown foliage that has frosted silver undersides and bright yellow flowers appearing in spring,... >> more

Griselinia Broadway Mint (Broadleaf)

Gorgeous, lush and glossy lime green foliage with a distinctive wave on the outside of the leaf. Trims well and is fast to establish.... >> more

Hebe Albicans Red Edge

An evergreen NZ native that forms a tight dome of grey-green foliage with red margins. The colour darkens to a reddish tint in the cold of winter. Flo... >> more

Hebe Wiri Cloud

A compact rounded shrub with light pink flowers covering the stem tips in early summer. ... >> more

Hebe Wiri Mist

An attractive native shrub with green foliage and a flat-topped habit. Prolific white flowers in late spring and into summer. ... >> more

Lavender Munstead (English Lavender)

Lavender purple flowers are held above highly fragrant grey/green foliage that forms a compact, bushy mound. Flowering from spring through to summer.... >> more

Parahebe Baby Blue

Dainty, small sky blue flowers smother attractive deep green foliage and forms a compact, low growing shrub. Flowering from spring through to autumn.... >> more

Parahebe Pink Delight

Delightful dainty, small pink flowers and deep attractive deep green foliage that forms a compact, low growing shrub. Flowering from spring through to... >> more

Parahebe Snowcap

Dainty, small, snowy white flowers with lavender throats and deep green foliage that forms a compact, low growing shrub. Flowering from spring through... >> more

Phormium Black Magic (Flax) - available from May 2024

A dwarf growing variety with elegant grass-like jet-black, spiky foliage that grows into a low clump. ... >> more

Phormium Dark Delight (New Zealand Flax) - available from May 2024

One of the darkest NZ flax varieties. Arching, narrow, dark reddish-brown leaves. Tall flowering stalks with tubular red flowers appearing in summer. ... >> more

Phormium Stripy Mist (Flax) - available from May 2024

A popular NZ native dwarf flax. Striking green foliage with a chocolate brown center. Growing into a very tidy clump.... >> more

Pimelea Blue Peter (NZ Daphne)

Tiny clusters of fragrant, dainty white flowers and small pointed, blue-grey foliage with a low, spreading habit.... >> more

Poa Cita [Silver Tussock]

An iconic evergreen, New Zealand native grass with green/tawny-brown, very fine foliage and grows in small weeping clumps. Feathery flower heads appea... >> more

Scleranthus Biflorus (Cushion-Bush / Knawel)

Dense, low growing mounds of attractive bright green, moss-like ornamental foliage and tiny greenish flowers in summer.... >> more