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Pandorea Jasminoides Lady Di (Bower of Beauty)

Lush glossy green foliage with large and showy white, trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow throats. Flowering throughout spring and summer.... >> more

Pandorea Pandarana (Wonga Wonga Vine)

A perennial climber with large, glossy green foliage and tubular, fragrant, creamy yellow flowers. Flowering from spring through to autumn.... >> more

Pandorea Rosea (Pink Bower Vine)

This Pandorea is grown for its prolific and showy flowers. The bright pink, trumpet shaped flowers with a dark pink throat are produced from spring th... >> more

Parahebe Baby Blue

Dainty, small sky blue flowers smother attractive deep green foliage and forms a compact, low growing shrub. Flowering from spring through to autumn.... >> more

Parahebe Pink Delight

Delightful dainty, small pink flowers and deep attractive deep green foliage that forms a compact, low growing shrub. Flowering from spring through to... >> more

Parahebe Snowcap

Dainty, small, snowy white flowers with lavender throats and deep green foliage that forms a compact, low growing shrub. Flowering from spring through... >> more

Penstemon Blackbird (Beardtongues)

Deep reddish-purple, trumpet shaped flowers are held on tall reddish stems above dark green, narrow, lance-like foliage and forms an upright, bushy cl... >> more

Penstemon Cherry (Beardtongues)

Delightfully vibrant, trumpet-shaped, cherry-red flowers with a striped red and white throat are held on tall stems above dark green, narrow, lance-s... >> more

Penstemon Flamingo (Beardtongues)

Lovely rose-pink, trumpet-shaped flowers with white throats are held on strong stems above dark green, lance-shaped foliage and forms an upright, bush... >> more

Penstemon Joy (Beardtongues)

Delightful, trumpet-shaped, bright salmon-red flowers with a white throat on tall stems are held above dark green, narrow, lance-shaped foliage that f... >> more

Phormium Black Magic (Flax) - available from May 2024

A dwarf growing variety with elegant grass-like jet-black, spiky foliage that grows into a low clump. ... >> more

Phormium Dark Delight (New Zealand Flax) - available from May 2024

One of the darkest NZ flax varieties. Arching, narrow, dark reddish-brown leaves. Tall flowering stalks with tubular red flowers appearing in summer. ... >> more

Phormium Stripy Mist (Flax) - available from May 2024

A popular NZ native dwarf flax. Striking green foliage with a chocolate brown center. Growing into a very tidy clump.... >> more

Photinia Red Robin

A popular hedging shrub with bright red new growth tips that turns dark green with age and forms a compact, lush shrub. Tight heads of small white flo... >> more

Pimelea Blue Peter (NZ Daphne)

Tiny clusters of fragrant, dainty white flowers and small pointed, blue-grey foliage with a low, spreading habit.... >> more

Plumbago Capensis (Cape Leadwort)

Clusters of sky blue flowers and attractive green foliage with a sprawling, bushy habit. Flowering from spring through to autumn.... >> more

Poa Cita [Silver Tussock]

An iconic evergreen, New Zealand native grass with green/tawny-brown, very fine foliage and grows in small weeping clumps. Feathery flower heads appea... >> more

Podophyllum Kaleidoscope (Mayapple)

Umbrella shaped leaves are variegated with silver, green and purple markings throughout spring and summer. Has a clump forming habit. Clusters of deep... >> more

Polemonium Stairway To Heaven (Jacob's Ladder)

Striking variegated green foliage with cream edges that flushes pink during cool weather forms an attractive, low mound and lightly fragrant, light bl... >> more

Polygala Little Bibi

Lovely mauve-purple pea-like flowers with attractive blue-green, rounded foliage with a compact, tight, uniform habit. Main flowering flush in spring ... >> more

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