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ERYSIMUM Lilac Joy - Licensed

Masses of fragrant flower clusters in deep through to soft lilac with a hint of cream and attractive green foliage that forms a compact bush. Flowerin... >> more

ERYSIMUM Linifolium Mauve

Brilliant rich mauve flower clusters are held above attractive grey-green foliage that forms a neat bush. Flowering from spring through to autumn.... >> more


Masses of rich red flower clusters and attractive glossy green foliage that forms a compact bush. Flowering from spring through to summer.... >> more


Clusters of rosy pink flowers with glossy, lime green foliage that turns golden-yellow as it matures an forms a compact bush. Flowering throughout sum... >> more

EUPHORBIA Ascot Jade - Licensed

A first release of this large growing Euphorbia x martini selection which was raised at Lambley a few years ago. ... >> more

EUPHORBIA Ascot Rainbow - Licensed

Rosettes of lance-shaped grey/green leaves adorned with a golden edge and showy, variegated cream, lime and green appear from winter through to spring... >> more

EURYOPS Pectinatus

Masses of bright yellow flowers with grey-green foliage from winter to autumn.... >> more

EURYOPS Sunshine

Masses of bright yellow daisies from winter through to autumn.... >> more

EVOLVULOUS Blue Sapphire

An excellent, versatile, ground cover perennial that can be used in a lot of different ways.... >> more