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BOUGAINVILLEA Magnifica Trailii - PVR

Dazzling magenta/purple flowers from summer through to early autumn and deep green, thorny foliage with a climbing/trailing habit.... >> more

FICUS Pumila

An excellent climber with small dark green, leathery, ovate leaves.... >> more

MANDEVILLA Aloha Forever Red - PVR

Rich red flowers that will not fade, from spring through to summer and glossy, green foliage.... >> more

MANDEVILLA Aloha Petite White - PVR

Stunning crisp white flowers from spring through to autumn.... >> more


Bright red flowers with glossy green foliage and a neat climbing habit.... >> more

MANDEVILLA Ruby Fantasy - Licensed

Ruby red, trumpet shaped flowers from early summer with glossy, green foliage.... >> more


Highly fragrant, pure white, starry flowers and glossy, deep green foliage.... >> more