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Small white daisy blooms with mid green foliage.... >> more

Rose Flower Carpet Amber

An explosion of soft orange-yellow blooms, aging to soft pink with a blush of peach. ... >> more

Rose Flower Carpet Pink Splash

Masses of bi-coloured, hot pink and pale pink, blooms covering the bush and rich glossy green foliage.... >> more

Rose Flower Carpet Red

Clusters of deep velvety red single flowers, accented by brilliant golden yellow stamens. Deep glossy green foliage with a burgundy edge.... >> more

Rose Flower Carpet Scarlet

Masses of vivid scarlet blooms with glossy green foliage from spring to autumn.... >> more

Rose Flower Carpet Sunset

Brilliant tangerine orange blooms that deepen in colour as the season progresses. ... >> more

Rose Flower Carpet White

Snowy white flowers with a pleasant fragrance from spring to autumn. ... >> more

ROSMARINUS Lavendulaceus

Blue flowers with fine, silvery fern-like foliage and a mound forming habit.... >> more

ROSMARINUS Lockwood De Forest

Sky blue flowers with weeping branches and a low spreading habit.... >> more


Upright form with delicate soft pink flowers throughout summer with powerfully aromatic leaves, this is a beautiful plant for any garden with the adde... >> more


Violet-blue flowers with fragrant foliage and an upright habit.... >> more

RUDBECKIA Little Goldstar - Licensed

Vibrant gold flowers with a dark black central seed cone, on a neatly compact habit.... >> more