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AJUGA Catlins Giant

A mat forming groundcover with attractive bronzy-green foliage and rich blue flower spikes from spring through to summer..... >> more

AJUGA Jungle Beauty

Dark green leaves tinged with purple. Spikes of rich blue flowers from spring through to summer.... >> more

ALCHEMILLA Mollis Thriller

Grey-green foliage covered in small hairs that collect dew and clusters of yellow flowers from mid summer through to autumn.... >> more

ALTERNANTHERA Little Ruby - Licensed

Outstanding deep burgundy foliage with mounding groundcover habit.... >> more

AZALEA Charlie

Large ruffled, double flowers with vivid pink colouring from late winter.... >> more

AZALEA Helmut Vogel

Brilliant cerise pink flowers with deep green foliage from late winter.... >> more


Deep rose pink, double, ruffled flowers from mid winter.... >> more

AZALEA Melodie

Trusses of funnel-shaped, double, light salmon pink flowers from later winter.... >> more

CAMELLIA Brushfields Yellow

Medium, antique white flowers with a double center of lightly ruffled pale primrose yellow petals.... >> more

CAMELLIA Setsugekka

An abundance of large, wavy white blooms with prominent yellow stamens appear in early autumn through to early winter.... >> more

CORDYLINE Red Fountain - Licensed

Glossy burgundy foliage that forms into a compact, cascading fountain of foliage.... >> more

DAPHNE Perfume Princess - PVR

This is a new release from Anthony Tesselaar International. Daphne Perfume Princess was awarded the prestigious honor of 'Plant of the Year' at the 2... >> more

EUPHORBIA Polychroma

Fresh green foliage with bright yellow flowers during spring.... >> more

FUCHSIA Assorted

A much valued bushy free flowering plant that produces flowers from late spring to autumn. We have many varieties of fuchsia. Should you be requiring ... >> more

GARDENIA August Beauty

Large, sweetly fragrant, velvety white blooms on lustrous evergreen foliage that forms a rounded shrub.... >> more

GARDENIA Professor Pucci

Fragrant double pure white flowers with glossy evergreen foliage.... >> more


Fragrant double white flowers with glossy evergreen foliage.... >> more


Fragrant double white flowers with glossy evergreen foliage.... >> more

GEUM Borisii

'Geum Borisii' has a densely packed dome of round furry, mid green leaves and produces slender stems carrying tangerine orange flowers. ... >> more


An excellent small perennial shrub, a favourite among gardeners for the distinctive smell of a cherry pie.... >> more

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