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The Petunia Happy Magic series is now available. 'Double Soft Pink' has small soft pink double flowers. 'Double Dark Velvet' has small dark velvet- purple double flowers. 'Marble Yellow' has large brilliant yellow single flowers... >> more

Now available is the Calibrachoa Cruze and Caloha series. These Calibrachoas have stunning small bright flowers and a petunia like appearance. The Cruze series are singles and the Caloha series are doubles. 'Cruze Red' is a stunning red. 'Cruze Rose' is a rose pink. 'Cruze Violet' is a deep violet. 'Cruze Yellow' is a vibrant yellow. 'Cruze Pink Rose Eye' is pink with a red throat. 'Caloha Double Yellow' is abrilliant yellow... >> more

Now available is the Verbena Tiara Mickey series. These Verbena are stunning and unique with the 'Tiara Mickey' being multi- coloured and 'Tiara' a solid colour. These Verbena form large flower clusters and have a trailing habit. 'Tiara Mickey Blue Lavender' has deep blue centre petals and light blue outer petals. 'Tiara Mickey Rose White' has pastel pink outer petals and solid pink centre petals. 'Tiara Mickey Magenta Rose' has magenta pink centre petals and pale pink outer petals. 'Tiara Hot Pink' has solid hot pink petals... >> more

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Colorworx Nursery Ltd is a leading Perennial grower in New Zealand supplying all good gardening retailers, mainly in the North Island.
Colorworx liaises with other breeders, throughout the world, to bring you quality new releases.

On our Website we give you a comprehensive catalogue of what we grow. Bear in mind that some plants are seasonal and therefore not available all year round in Garden Centres.

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Product Highlights

CALIBRACHOA Caloha Double Burgundy

Smothered in small double burgundy petunia-like flowers throughout the... >> more

VERBENA Tiara Mickey Blue Lavender - Licensed

Large multi-coloured flower clusters with deep blue centre petals and ... >> more


Stunning red bell-shaped flowers from late spring to early autumn. ... >> more

CALIBRACHOA Caloha Double Rose Trailing

Smothered in small double, rose coloured flowers throughout the warmer... >> more

VERBENA Tiara Mickey Rose White - Licensed

Large multi-coloured flower clusters with pastel pink outer petals and... >> more

CORDYLINE Lime Fountain - Licensed

Attractive glossy lime-green foliage that cascades, creating a fountai... >> more


Vibrant yellow bell-shaped flowers throughout the warmer months.... >> more

PETUNIA Happy Magic Marble Yellow - Licensed

Stunning large bright yellow flowers.... >> more