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ANIGOZANTHOS Bush Ballad HEUCHERA Midnight Bayou ANIGOZANTHOS Bush Bonanza PETUNIA Colourwave Sunbells (Grape)

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The Dreameria series have been bred to be extra tough. Flowering in mass and lasting much longer then other Armerias. Their pom- pom like flowers are held upright on sturdy stems above attractive green foliage that forms a neat clump. Dry, frost, coastal and wind tolerant once established. Great for rockeries, coastal areas... >> more

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Colorworx Nursery Ltd is a leading Perennial grower in New Zealand supplying all good gardening retailers, mainly in the North Island.
Colorworx liaises with other breeders, throughout the world, to bring you quality new releases.

On our Website we give you a comprehensive catalogue of what we grow. Bear in mind that some plants are seasonal and therefore not available all year round in Garden Centres.

The Website is still growing so check back often to see what is new and/or sought after for a particular season.

We trust you will enjoy browsing through the Colorworx Website. We would love to receive any feedback you may have in regards to our website and please contact the Colorworx team if you have any plant related questions.

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ERYSIMUM Linifolium Mauve

Brilliant rich mauve flower clusters are held above attractive grey-gr... >> more

GAZANIA Regal Sunset

Larger then normal, rich red flowers with a golden yellow center that ... >> more

GAURA Whirling Butterflies

Butterfly-like, white flowers with red sepals on tall, arching stems a... >> more


Pure white trumpet-shaped flowers with attractive silver foliage with ... >> more


Small lance-shaped, dark green foliage forms a small mound and produce... >> more

LAVENDER Sensation Purple - PVR

Deep purple to black flowers with dark purple wings that are held abov... >> more