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FEDERATION DAISY Butterball - Licensed

It is a compact grower with striking large flowers with creamy-yellow petals and a gold centre. 'Butterball' will flower from spring through to Autumn... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Carmine Supernova - Licensed

"Carmine Supernova" opens as a single dark crimson bloom then gradually fades to a softer pink.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Double Act - Licensed

Double Act is a curious twist, with rose pink petals fading to a yellow centre as the colours change and evolve. ... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Honeycomb - Licensed

'Honeycomb' has a massive yellow-gold central eye with star like outer ring of petals in pale cream. Striking and unusual.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Purity - Licensed

White flowers are always popular and if you are looking for an outstanding pure white double daisy look no further than Federation Daisy Purity.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Starlight Red - Licensed

'Federation Daisy Starlight Red' has masses of crimson red flowers with a striking yellow eye.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Sugar Candy - Licensed

"Sugar Candy" has scrumptious pink anemone blooms on a compact, rounded habit, naturally neat and compact.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Sugar Cheer - Licensed

'Sugar Cheer' has fully double deep rose-pink flowers when new, fading to softer hues with age.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Sultan's Pride - Licensed

"Sultan's Pride" is compact and free-flowering producing striking single white daisies with a clear bright yellow eye on attractive lacy blue-green fo... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Summer Stars - Licensed

" Summer Stars" displays a neat layer of shell pink petals with a delicate lemon centre on a compact dome shaped bush.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Sunrise Rose - Licensed

"Sunrise Rose" is compact and free-flowering producing delightful pink flowers with an attractive double ruffled eye.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Superstar - Licensed

'Superstar' has a golden central eye accented with a dark centre, exploding out to petals which graduate from deep rose to pale pink.... >> more

FICUS Pumila

An excellent climber with small ark green, leathery, ovate leaves.... >> more

FUCHSIA Assorted

A much valued bushy free flowering plant that produces flowers from late spring to autumn. We have many varieties of fuchsia. Should you be requiring ... >> more