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MANDARIN Clementine

Clementine is a heavy cropper that produces deep orange coloured fruit which can be seedless. ... >> more

MANDARIN Honey Murcott

A moderately vigorous bushy tree. ... >> more

MANDARIN Richard's Special

Large juicy lightly flavoured seedless fruit that are wider than they are deep. ... >> more


Clusters of rich pink, trumpet flowers with dark, glossy, leathery foliage.... >> more


A profusion of crimson trumpet-shaped flowers with lush green, tropical foliage.... >> more

MANDEVILLA Mini Pink - Licensed

'Mini Pink' is a fast growing Mandevilla with lush green, tropical foliage and a profusion of flamingo-pink trumpet shaped flowers from early summer. ... >> more

MANDEVILLA Ruby Fantasy - Licensed

'Ruby Fantasy' is a really stunning plant with its tropical, lush green foliage and magnificent ruby-red trumpet shaped flowers from early summer. ... >> more

MANDEVILLA White Fantasy

A profusion of tropical white, trumpet-shaped flowers.... >> more


A colourful showy plant that smothers itself with flowers throughout the spring and summer months. ... >> more