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DICHONDRA Silver Falls

Velvety, fan-shaped silver leaves provide a spectacular display. When planted in baskets it creates the effect of having running silver falls.... >> more

ERYSIMUM Lilac Joy - Licensed

Masses of fragrant, deep to light lilac flowers and foliage the forms a compact bush.... >> more

ERYSIMUM Linifolium Mauve

An upright growing wallflower with lovely grey-green leaves to set off the profuse clusters of fragrant, mauve flowers. ... >> more


An excellent shrub for adding colour to the garden with its golden yellow, glossy foliage which turns greener in colder months.... >> more

EUPHORBIA Ascot Jade - Licensed

A first release of this large growing Euphorbia x martini selection which was raised at Lambley a few years ago. ... >> more

EUPHORBIA Ascot Rainbow - Licensed

Rosettes of lance-shaped grey/green leaves adorned with a golden edge and showy, variegated cream, lime and green appear from winter through to spring... >> more

EUPHORBIA Polychroma

Fresh green foliage with bright yellow flowers during spring.... >> more

EURYOPS Pectinatus

Masses of bright yellow flowers with grey-green foliage from winter to autumn.... >> more

EURYOPS Sunshine

Masses of bright yellow daisies from winter through to autumn.... >> more

EVOLVULOUS Blue Sapphire

An excellent, versatile, ground cover perennial that can be used in a lot of different ways.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Butterball - Licensed

Cheerful creamy yellow daisies with a striking gold centre and dark green foliage.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Double Act - Licensed

Rose pink petals fading to a yellow centre as the colours change and evolve.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Honeycomb - Licensed

Massive yellow-gold central eye with a star like outer ring of pale cream petals.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Purity - Licensed

Pure white, double daisies with an extended flowering period.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Starlight Red - Licensed

Super-sized crimson red flowers with a striking yellow eye.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Sugar Cheer - Licensed

Double bold cerise-pink flowers that fade to lighter tones with age and rich green foliage.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Sultan's Pride - Licensed

Striking single white daisies with a bright yellow eye and elegant lacy blue/green foliage.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Summer Stars - Licensed

Frilly shell pink petals with a delicate lemon centre stand above a compact dome shaped bush.... >> more

FEDERATION DAISY Superstar - Licensed

A central gold eye accented with a dark centre, exploding out to petals which graduate from deep rose to pale pink.... >> more

FICUS Pumila

An excellent climber with small dark green, leathery, ovate leaves.... >> more

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