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GARDENIA Crown Jewels - Licensed

Highly fragrant, double, white flowers with glossy, deep green foliage forming a bushy shrub. Flowering throughout spring and autumn.... >> more

GARDENIA Jasminoides Joy - PVR

Highly fragrant single, cream white flowers and clean, glossy green foliage with a neat, dense habit. Flowering throughout spring and summer.... >> more

GAURA Siskiyou Pink

Butterfly-like, deep pink flowers on tall, red tinged, arching stems and a shrub-like, clumping habit. Flowering from spring through to autumn.... >> more

GRISELINIA Broadway Mint

Gorgeous, lush, glossy lime green foliage with a distinctive wave on the outside of the leaf. Trims well and is fast to establish.... >> more


Charming rounded, magenta red flowers with creamy stamens are held on sturdy red stems above bronzy-green foliage with red veins which gradually matur... >> more

HELLEBORE Charmer - Licensed

Delicately mottled burgundy-pink flowers sitting above lush, marbled green foliage with a neat and compact habit. Flowering throughout winter.... >> more

HELLEBORE Molly's White - PVR

Elegant cup-shaped, white flowers flushed with lime green, and dusky pink underside to each petal. With attractive marbled, dark green foliage that fo... >> more

HELLEBORE Penny's Pink - PVR

Enchanting domed, bright mauve pink flowers that turn a deeper pink and take on green tones as they age and bronzy green foliage with hot pink veins t... >> more

HELLEBORE Sophie's Delight - PVR

Elegant creamy pink flowers edged and backed in deep mulberry and with yellow/lime stamens, are held above attractive, marbled foliage with a tidy hab... >> more


Elegant semi-double white with ruffled centres and speckled with dark mauve accents, are held above lush green foliage with a tidy habit. Flowering fr... >> more

HELXINE Baby Tears

Delicate tiny, rounded, emerald green foliage that forms a dense, mounding carpet with a spreading, creeping habit. Tiny white flower are produced in ... >> more

HEUCHERA Fire Alarm - Licensed

Striking leathery red foliage that changes from orange-red to bronze-red throughout the season and forms a compact clump. Small white bell flowers app... >> more

HEUCHERA Midnight Rose - Licensed

Unique shiny, dark purple to almost black foliage that are speckled with contrasting hot pink pots and forms an attractive compact clump. Creamy white... >> more

HEUCHERA Obsidian - Licensed

Striking rounded, shiny, rich dark purple to almost black foliage that does not fade and forms an attractive compact clump. Creamy white bell flowers ... >> more

HEUCHERA Peppermint Spice - Licensed

Vibrant minty green foliage with contrasting dark red veining and forms an attractive compact clump. Rosy-pink bell flowers appear in early-summer.... >> more

HEUCHERELLA Stoplight - Licensed

Striking gold to lime foliage with a beet red, star-shaped central marking. Delicate white bell flowers appear in late spring.... >> more


Medium sized, single, tomato red flowers with lightly ruffled petals and glossy, dark green foliage with a tidy habit.... >> more


Large, single, bright pink flowers with a red centre and attractive green foliage with a tidy habit.... >> more

HIBISCUS Crown of Warringah

Semi-double soft orange flowers with a central tuft and glossy, deep green foliage.... >> more

HIBISCUS Erin Rachel

Ruffled, apricot edged petals changing to pink and intensifying to a deep red centre with glossy, deep green foliage.... >> more

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